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All American Paleo Table Review & Recipe-Morning Butter Biscuits

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I’ve been looking forward to the release of Caroline’s new cookbook All American Paleo Table since I met her at Paleo f(x) back in April. I had been stalking her blog and IG account for forever and was so happy to finally meet the genius behind all of those gorgeous photos and recipes! She was just the sweetest too, super down to earth and a great hugger! I remember her giving me the card for her upcoming book and being blown away by the cover and the amazing recipes that would be contained in this book! We talked about the cover and how long it took her to make all the food and then photograph it, this lady is super creative and super duper dedicated! Now that I have the book in my happy little hands I cannot put it down! Even if you weren’t into paleo recipes at all, her story and photos alone would draw you in until you had read it from cover to cover!

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Some of the recipes I have been drooling over are the Cider Mill Donut Holes, Bacon Jam & Fried Egg Burgers, Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Crumb Cake, Crackling Pork Belly Croutons, Lemon Curd Celebration Cake, Fire Grilled Filet Mignon, Skillet Peach Cobbler, Smoked Baby back ribs, Duck Fat Fries…YOU GUYS…I could go on, and on and on lol! Plus she has sections for Game day eats, Movie night, Thanksgiving and Christmas! This girl has you covered!

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The recipe Caroline was kind enough to let me share with you from All American Paleo Table is for her Morning Butter Biscuits, because well, who doesn’t like biscuits ya’ll?! :) And if you’re scared because there is butter in the name, don’t fret because Caroline has a great sub if you’re dairy-free! I used the sub and it still tasted like there was butter in them biscuits, OH YEAH! These were so simple to make you guys! I even made them the night before and they were just as incredible the next day! I also made a batch of her Blackberry Skillet Jam to top these dreamy biscuits with along with some cultured ghee and it was heaven on earth. A little bit crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, just the way a biscuit should be! Well what are we jabbering on about still…let’s get to the good stuff…THE FOOD!

all american paleo table morning butter biscuits 3

A note from Caroline: These biscuits are my absolute favorite baked creation. Cashews have a light, mellow flavor, so you will hardly notice that the biscuits are made with nuts and that they are very low in carbohydrates—a great staple to keep in the kitchen. These are slightly denser than their gluten-filled predecessors, but are so buttery and delicious that you will probably want to eat more than one—yes, I can say that with experience! I like to freeze any extras to keep on hand for a snack or bit of comfort food because if you are anything like me, you will probably be craving these!

Don’t forget to pick you copy of this gorgeous cook book HERE!


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  1. Those look awesome! I think I need this book to add to my collection. Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. You’re welcome! Thanks Barb! They really taste amazing and the book is gorgeous!

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