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Paleo Sweet Potato “Toast”

By : paleopaparazzi 23 Comments

Oh Sweet Potato “Toast” how I love thee! My love for sweet potato toast is no secret. I have been professing my love for sweet potato “toast” for quite some time on social media & during my takeover of The Whole30 Recipes last year and once again with my takeover last week!

Paleo sweet potato toast sausage prosciutto bacon smoked salmon

You all clearly love this slightly sweet, crusty, delicious little sub for the real thing. While it tastes nothing at all like it’s counterpart, it’s still DANG delicious and I don’t care!  It’s one of my most liked recipes on Instagram (next to my chicken veggie poppers) so I HAD to bring it to the blog so you can print out the recipe (wish they had that feature on IG, haha) and pin it to your Pinterest board for later too!
Paleo sweet potato toast poached egg stack

My love affair with sweet potato toast is REAL. I even played breakfast Jenga with it to create this lovely little poached egg version below. I think I play with my food more now than I ever did as a kid…lol! But I just wanted to send a quick thank you to my mom for letting me play with my food as a youngster. I’ve decided I will 100% let my kids play with their food, as long as they eat it afterwards ;)
Paleo sweet potato toast salmon avocado

If you are doing a Whole30, the only version of the “toasts” that are not Whole 30 compliant are the ones below. I consider this version more of a treat.sweet potato toast fruit and honey

Have you tried sweet potato “toast” yet? I’d love to know what you think. If you have, what is your favorite toppings? I’m always looking for more yummy combinations to create! The possibilities with sweet potato ‘toast” really are endless. I’m sure I will be updating with more combos in the future as they come my way! Happy toasting to you!!

Paleo sweet potato toast raspberry
Paleo sweet potato toast avocado toast

23 thoughts on “Paleo Sweet Potato “Toast””

  1. So much goodness on this page! I wish I could reach through the screen! Yum!

    1. Aw, thanks Ashley! They really are a blast to make and eat!

  2. These look so delicious. Going to give them a try. Thanks.

    1. Thanks so much! You will love them!

  3. Yum! Which mandolin slicer do you recommend? Thanks!

    1. I have the oxo steel mandolin slicer and i love it! Just be sure to wear a protective glove too, they’re very sharp!

  4. Oh this is genius! I’ve never thought of turning sweet potatoes into toast slices before but what a smart & delicious idea! Gorgeous photos. They all look so yummy!

  5. I have to try this this week! Great images btw!

  6. Oh my! This looks really tasty! Sweet potato is my fave.

    1. Then you will love these! Thank you!

  7. Nom nom!! this looks so good my mouth is watering!!!


  8. These look delicious! I love how versatile sweet potatoes are – you can use them for anything. Love this post!

  9. YUM!! Please get in my belly now!!

  10. Lordy. This looks so amazing. I have also seen it done in the toaster. Haven’t tried that yet!

  11. Sweet potato toast is one of my favorites. I love mayo-free avocado egg salad on it, and I’ve done a fried egg on it but never poached. Looks delicious!

  12. can you make a whole sweet potato and store the leftovers? if so for how long and how?
    thank you :)

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  14. Which Oxo model slicer do you use for this? I’ve reach bunches of reviews on Amazon and any of the less expensive models don’t get glowing marks, but neither am I interested in paying big bucks for one.

    1. I use the OXO Steel Chef’s Mandoline Slicer.

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