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Easy Grilled Chicken Pesto Kebabs

By : paleopaparazzi 24 Comments

Hey guys, I’m so excited for the three day weekend coming up! So much so that I created these fun new simple Chicken Pesto Kebabs for the grill. I know most of you here in the states will be celebrating by firing up the BBQ and making delicious treats to enjoy with family and friends. I wanted to share something that was easy enough, so that you have more time to enjoy your loved ones!

Memorial day is all about celebrating and honoring those American heroes who lost their lives serving our country. My uncle lost his life in Vietnam, so I always honor him and the legacy he left behind with my family on this special day. My Mom wanted to name me after him and said if I was a boy, my name was supposed to be Kenneth. When she found out I was a girl, she thought Kendra was a perfect fit!

Last year I got to spend some time in D.C. with my Mom and Dad and we got to visit the Vietnam Memorial Wall. It was a humbling experience, to say the least. I was in tears capturing this special moment as my Mom gently rubbed her brother’s name onto a sheet of paper to take as a keepsake.

I know this was kind of a deep post, but I didn’t want it to just be about the food, Memorial day is so much more than that! I think we get caught up in the traditions of a holiday, sometimes forgetting the reasons behind why we celebrate them. Feeling grateful for all those who have served and currently serve our country so we can be safe at home.

24 thoughts on “Easy Grilled Chicken Pesto Kebabs”

  1. What a fun dinner change up idea! Thank you!

  2. Such a beautiful and special photo you captured of your mom. Love the story behind your name too. The chicken pesto kebabs look so delicious and perfect for this time of the year.

  3. Awe, so lovely the photo of your mom taking the rubbing! Thanks for the reminder about honoring the veterans! The kebabs look amazing also!

  4. You had me at pesto… I’ll definitely be throwing these bad boys on the grill sometime this week!

  5. I’m always looking for more grilling recipes and these will definitely be made this summer. Pesto on everything!

  6. Such a beautiful story behind your name! Thanks for sharing – and of course, for the recipe. Pesto is everything in the summer, and this is so simple and beautiful.

    1. Thanks so much Irena! Trying to help keep his memory alive <3

  7. I love that you talk about the reason we have a long weekend!! These kabobs look so delicious and perfect for all summer long!

  8. The chicken looks so moist and delicious ! This is a wonderful recipe !

    1. It’s a great recipe for those summer Bbq days! Thank you ChihYu!

  9. I love grilled kebabs, and that pesto sauce looks amazing on the grilled chicken. Perfect for Summer grilling :)

  10. Beautiful post! Thank you for sharing and honoring our veterans.
    The recipe looks delicious too. xo

  11. This makes me drool! Love it! All those flavours together – definitely pinning this!

  12. Thanks for sharing your story and this recipe! Can’t wait to try these.

  13. Freedom comes at a great cost, and it’s always good to remember the ones who made it possible for us to live in such a great country! And I also just love this recipe, so simple and flavorful and the perfect way to spend time with family and friends!

  14. Whoa, this looks so fancy but I did a double take by how simple it is! Love uses for pesto…

  15. Pesto is one of my favourite sides, this looks so appetising right now.

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  18. These were super easy and super tasty. Thanks for sharing!

    1. That makes me so happy to hear! You’re welcome!

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