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Gut Healing Bone Broth Latte

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Have you jumped on the bone broth train yet? I started adding Bone Broth to all the things 6 years ago when I began my healing journey with food. I attribute it to helping me heal my gut as well as improving my skin, hair, digestion & joints. The only things was back then there weren’t any companies making ready to eat bone broth. It was a process to get that homemade bone broth whipped up in the slow cooker before the speedy fast days of Instant Pot cooking! And even though it’s not that hard to make your own, sometimes it just makes life so much easier to buy it!

When I first started using bone broth it was mainly to add to recipes like my Garlic Lime Shrimp with Cauliflower Purée and my Easy Instant Pot Carnitas. I was usually adding it to main dishes and soups but never really thought about adding it as part of my daily routine. I was mainly drinking ginger tea lattes in the morning and at night, but then I discovered a great way to drink my bone broth in latte form and I was forever changed!

By getting some bone broth into my daily morning and evening routines, I was increasing the healing benefits from including more bone broth into my life! It’s great at boosting your metabolisim and making it easier on your body to digest food throughout the day! Plus, I wasn’t spending as much time in the kitchen making my own broth because I was able to find a way to have it on hand at all times, even when I was traveling.

I’m so glad that there are companies I can trust like Bare Bones who are out there making Grass Fed bone broth for the masses. Their broth is super duper flavorful, my husband will drink it heated up all by itself with nothing else added, he doesn’t do that with all bone broths. It definitely makes it easier to stay healthy and is a lifesaver when completing a Whole30 challenge! I also love that ALL of their broths are Whole30 approved! There are so many ways to incorporate bone broth into your day but my favorite way has definitely been to make myself a bone broth latte. I love them any time of the day. Here’s my simple recipe for a frothy boost of goodness:

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