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Herbed Cauliflower Rice with California Prunes

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I’ve been wanting to share a recipe like this for quite some time as it’s been something we have been eating different versions of for at least 3 years. It wasn’t until I was re-united with my long lost friend, California Prunes, that I really felt it was ready to be shared with the world! 

I love mixing nuts, and dried fruit in with my cauliflower “rice” as it gives it nice texture and depth of flavor. The salty pine nuts have a great crunch with a wonderful toasty flavor that pairs nicely with the beautiful delicate sweetness of the California Prunes. I must say that this combination is my favorite right now!

I love the almost mediterranean vibe of this dish and it will pair nicely along almost any other dish. It’s not only paleo, vegan and vegetarian friendly, but full of goodness and something almost anyone can enjoy, I really love when that happens! 

Prunes, yeah you read that one right! Let’s talk about them for a moment because If you haven’t had some in a while, you definitely need to be re-introduced to them just like me. Prunes or dried plums? Well most plums you see in the grocery store are not the kind farmers use to create these amazing little gems. 

Prune plums are a specific type of plum that are smaller in size which yields a much tastier dried product because of the higher sugar content then their larger cousin. We learned from multi-generational prune farmer Felicia Alvarez that these type of plums are called a prune whether or not they are fresh on the tree or dried. I thought that was pretty special. 

But what’s also very special is that the world still comes to California when they want the best prunes even though they are produced around the world. I kept thinking “well that’s cool, but why?” California not only has perfect conditions for growing them, amazing weather and rich nourishing soil, but they also craft a more intensely flavored prune using drying tunnels that are climate controlled instead of letting them drop to the ground and dry which makes them better for you and your family! 

When I tried a prune right out of the drying tunnels, it was still warm to the touch and tasted like fresh plum cake! It was then that I realized just why the prune farmer’s had such a deep love for growing them and carrying on the tradition to pass on to their children and grandchildren. They really have an amazing passion for what they do! 

We tried them in so many different dishes after the orchard tour and it made me sad that I had overlooked adding them as an ingredient to my meals and baked goods! They are super delicious and add a wonderful flavor to just about anything, not to mention the nutritional benefits. 

We talk about gut heath all over the place these days and collagen seems to be the sexy one in the spotlight atm, while prunes get portrayed as something old people use to stay regular, the narrative needs to change on that one for sure. Prunes are a superfood with tons of nutritional benefits. They have less sugar compared to other dried fruits and a lower glycemic index so they keep blood sugar levels stable. Prunes are a prebiotic that help to optimize our gut health but they are also a good source of magnesium and boron (in very few foods), potassium and help to support healthy bones. 

One of my favorite things that the chef’s made for us to try was a compote made with California Prunes, onions, garlic, and olives. It reminded me of this cauliflower rice that I love so much so I decided to make it even better with prunes, I hope you love it too! Be sure to check out California Prunes online at CaliforniaPrunes.org and on social media @CAprunes!

This recipe is sponsored by the California Prune Board who invited me to their orchards to experience a September prune harvest.