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Flourless Chocolate Chunk California Prune Cookies

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This recipe post is sponsored by the California Prune Board. All thoughts are my own.

What’s better right now than a super easy recipe that fills your sweet tooth craving?  The world is a different place these days but treats like this are definitely getting me through to the other side. What I love about this cookie recipe is not only is it flourless (something hard to find on shelves lately) but it uses prunes which cuts down on sugar but definitely not on taste.

I was in the other room when my husband stuffed the first one of these into his face, Immediately I heard him say WOW, these are soooo good!! Then he asked me what was in them and was blown away I had used California prunes in the recipe. They are so fudgy and decadent, you wouldn’t think they were a better for you treat.

The reason they are a better option than a regular chocolate cookie? One, they have no flour in them, two they contain no oils or butter, and three they have prunes in them!! Prunes are not only good for the gut, but they are wonderful for bone health too!

Last fall I was invited by the California Prune Board to tour some of their prune orchards and see how a plum gets transformed into a prune. Not all plums can grow up to be prunes but all prunes were once plums. It takes a special kind of plum that’s smaller and more condensed to make a beautiful flavor packed prune.

I know most of us are used to recipes that are sweet using prunes but believe it or not, prunes are super versatile and can be used in savory dishes. I made this delicious Cauliflower Rice with them last November, so I decided to give a sweet recipe a go this time!

The egg whites and the prune paste act as the binder for this recipe since there’s no flour. Prune paste has become my new bff. If you haven’t made prune paste yet, it will rock your world! Just add a bit of hot water to prunes and let them soften a bit, then blend them into a glorious paste that’s great to use in place of sugar & oils in baking and wonderful for savory dishes, especially in sauces and marinades!

I hope you give this recipe a try, it’s a really fun one to make! Get the kids in the kitchen to help you out, they will love making this quick and delicious recipe with you!

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