Coconut Crunch Banana Pops

One of the easiest ways to make a dairy free frozen treat this summer is to pop a few bananas onto some popsicle sticks, dip them in coconut yogurt, roll them in crunchy coconut with other goodies and freeze! I made these cuties with my friends at Vitacost and they are SERIOUSLY so freaking good […]
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6 Self-Care Tips to Reduce Stress

Stress, we all have it, but we don’ have to let it consume us. Reducing the amount of stress you have can have a huge impact on your health. My husband Matt and I have been under quite bit of stress recently with all that’s been going on with his health. It’s been a slow […]
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Paleo Super Nachos

What’s better than Nachos?? SUPER NACHOS!! Are the regular kind nacho friend anymore?! lol! Me too, me too! So I created this yummy recipe in partnership with my friends over at They’re also grain-free, dairy-free & paleo friendly to boot! The perfect size to share with a big group of your loved ones! I started […]
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