Chocolate Mousse

We all need a sweet treat every now and then and if you’re like me, it tends to be something with chocolate more often than not! At least I know when I am eating this treat, it isn’t going to make me bloat up like a balloon like a serving of jello pudding would. It’s […]
By : paleopaparazzi September 3, 2014 3 Comments

Tuna Stackers

Have you ever felt like your meals were just the same old boring thing over and over again? I feel that way quite a bit, and when I do, I try to get creative in the kitchen! Sometimes it’s all in the presentation of your food that can make eating feel exciting and new! This […]
By : paleopaparazzi August 18, 2014 2 Comments

Fermented Cashew Cheeze

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by!  Welcome to my blog and my very first post! I have lots to share with you from recipes, to ideas, to tips and so much more!  This post is just the start of a new adventure, one I hope you’ll join me on!  So let’s jump right in, shall […]
By : paleopaparazzi August 18, 2014 2 Comments